In 2016

In our water polo branch, we have total 216 players, including 72 active licensed players and 144 at formative stages.

In International Organizations in the Season of 2016:

In 2016 European Championships D Group, held in Serbia, on January 10-23, our national A Team, our player Atilla Sezer also took place in, played against to Hungary, Greece and Russia, and became 16th.

Our players, Atamer Albayrak, Kaan Özden Yıldız, Berke Can Yalçın, Ege Kahraman, Berk Alkan ve Arda Işık, took place in Junior National Team in U19 European Championships in Holland, on September 11-18, and finished finals being 13th.

Our senior water polo team, composed of Atilla Sezer, Boris Letica, Damir Buric, Tugay Ergin, Atamer Albayrak, Kaan Özden Yıldız, Arda İnan Akyar, Berk Alkan, Berke Can Yalçın, Ege Kahraman, Batukan Bayar, Arda Işık ve Yuşa Han Düzenli, played in LEN Championships League 1st Tour C Group, held in Portugal, on September 30th-October 02nd , and completed group matches being 3rd.

Turkish Inter-clubs Leagues in the season of 2016;

Beginners (2003)   National Title in Turkey

U14 (2002)              National Title in Turkey

U15 (2001)              2nd in Turkey

U17 (1999)              National Title in Turkey

U19 (1997)              National Title in Turkey

Senior Team           National Title in Turkey

Waterpolo Trainers

Emre Veri                      Ali Emir Tekerek                     Ersin Özdurak                       Tugay Ergin                     Atilla Sezer

Team Players