Our values, which are the cornerstone of our institution, strengthen our unity and solidarity, ensure our consistency and make our mission possible, are as follows;


Ethics and Morals

We act within the framework of good faith, honesty and impartiality.

We do what we commit, we keep our word.

We are against all forms of doping and we raise awareness of our athletes on this issue.

We respect the privacy of business-related information and personal data.

We respect universal values.

We treat everyone fairly and accept fair culture as an integral part of corporate culture.


Respect and Trust

We show the care and respect that people, nature, environment and all living things deserve.

We always consider how our actions will affect others.

We respect differences; We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion or political opinion.

We do not withhold our smiling face and greetings from anyone.

We prioritize the feeling of trust.


Sincerity, Openness and Innovation

We do not stop questioning to find the truth and the most appropriate,

We do not hesitate to say what we know to be true, we share it openly,

We prefer to convey directly instead of indirect expression,

We respect the views of those who openly and sincerely share their views and opinions.

We learn with curiosity, teach with enthusiasm, share openly, change and move forward with courage,

We are open to innovations.