At the Doha GP, which was the first Diamond League competition of the year, club athlete Emel Dereli beat the Turkey record twice during the competition and came in third place. During the first competition of the Diamond League in Qatar, Emel Dereli set a new Turkey record in the second open field competition of 2016. Dereli took the field intending to beat her own Turkey record of 18.40 and despite two faults out of the three tries, she set a score of 18.26 and continued as part of the first four. During the three tries by the four athletes, Dereli set two records. Casting 18.52 first, Dereli cast 18.57 in her final try. American Tia Brooks, who won the competition developed her best by 11 centimetres and cast 19.48, while Anita Marton, who cast 19.22, came second. With her Turkey record of 18.57, Emel Dereli earned 4 points from the first stage of the Diamond League. In the put throw competition, World Indoor Champion and US record holder Michelle Carter came fifth with 17.83.