Our athletes achieved successful results in the Multinations Youth 2023 races, which took place on April 01-02 in Limassol, Southern Cyprus, with the participation of 15 countries and under the coaching of the National Team, Tolga Çağatay.

Belis Şakar is the Champion with 4:51.27 in the 400m Medley,

Defne Tanığ, Champion in the 200m Butterfly with 2:13.64,

Kemal Ata Akıncı is 3rd in the 50m Freestyle with 23.46,

İpek Burcu Aydıner placed 3rd in the 200m Medley with 2:19.99,

The 4x200m Freestyle Relay Team with Belis Şakar and Defne Tanığ ranked 2nd with 8:25.29.

The 4x100m Freestyle Relay Team, featuring İpek Burcu Aydıner and Nehir Güven, came in 2nd with 3:51.33,

Tolga Temiz placed 2nd in the 400m Freestyle with 3.57.27, 3rd in the 200m Freestyle with 1:52.90, and 3rd in the 4x200m Freestyle Relay with 7:33.81.

Congratulations to our athletes and their individual trainers Tolga Çağatay, Can Dinç, Haris Hasic and Gjon Shyti!