The ENKA Sports Club has continued its endeavour in order to strenghten Turkish youth both mentally and physically with superior features and has catered for Turkish sports since 1983.

The ENKA Sports Club situated on 30 acres of verdant land, located in the Sadi Gülçelik Sports Complex, set out with its motto “the future belongs to youth” and in addition to this, a high quality education is provided at our club and sports schools.

Our club players, who are champions, record holders, and national players, have been chosen from our summer and winter sports schools and were trained from our infrastructure groups.

We aim to help our children who have been attending our sports school which has been providing service for 33 years and in which academic trainers and physical education teachers have been working, adhere to the general aims of ENKA Sports Club and achieve the following qualities:

  • To develop their sports skills and moral values;
  • To avoid harmful habits;
  • To contribute to their “physical, mental, and intellectual” progress with regular and modern training methods by attending   sports activities;
  • To learn about “friendship, sharing, and competition” by experiencing them and to grow up as young, healthy, and dynamic individuals with strong personalities;
  • To discover their interests and abilities regarding sports and to become champions and record holders in their fields in the future;
  • To help these children who have been chosen to the infrastructure teams become members of the adult teams in the future.