Our Fitness Center that located in the green surroundings, offers you wellness and sports facilities. You can spend your time and all your plans to be healthy, fit and look good by taking the time to exercise yourself and your health, ending stressful and monotonous days. We will be glad to take the same step towards you. Hoping to seeing you.

Fitness Center consist of following sections :

Cardio / Gym / Studio
Test / Diet-Massage
Changing Rooms

The Cardio/Gym Department, protect your form providing endurance training, strength and protecting your body with Paramount brand weight-training tools which enhancing muscle’s fit for all muscle groups or do bodybuilding. Our experienced and expert trainers will be preparing the most suitable training program for you.

Studio, specific programs are organized for those who wants to increase, protect fitness level and get rid of excess fat, has musculoskeletal system problems and, the exercises before and after the surgery.

Pilates to be more stronger and more dynamic life; stretching before and after the work to make our muscles healthier and minimize fatigue; yoga to get rid of daily strains and long-term stresses. Dancing lessons for those who likes dancing and wants to learn all kinds of dance (Tango-Zumba).. Alfa Performance trainings for top level performance. In addition to these, distant defense sports such as taekwondo courses are given for kids and elders.

Body Composition and Diet, Our members can take advantage of using computer-aided body composition (body muscle, bone ratios and calorie requirements) free. A healthy diet and diet program is done. A diet program and exercise consisting of your favorite meals will be reaching you to your destination at the earliest.

Massage Room, In order to be able to relax after workout or for your daily exhaustion, our professional masseur/masseuse will serve you in a motivated atmosphere.


Yoga: Yoga lesson is one of the ways feel ourselves better and stronger, and also make body, mind and soul relaxing that is damaged by the stress environment. Your muscular flexibility will increase and your mental rest will be affecting your life positively.

Aikido: Aikido takes place among the oldest of the Far East sports and is not a competition sport. The aim is to train soul with the body. Aikido is a region for the warrior in order to attain the supreme wisdom of life that the warrior has gone to re-establish itself, which it has destroyed in its every move.

Taekwondo: Taekwondo is a very practical defense sport that discipline body and soul in the direction of do principles by using hand and foot techniques. Particularly children’s anatomical structures are exercised in accordance with the principles of physical adaptation. Taekwondo increases concentration and provides discipline in the person.

Mat Pilates: Program that is free to Enka Fitness Members, includes exercises made on mat with Pilates materials. That’s one of the effective exercises for muscle strength, coordination, flexibility and balance development.

Reformer Pilates: Pilates exercises increase muscle strength, stamina and flexibility; improve intramuscular coordination; adjust mind and body.

Zumba: It is a very entertaining, tiring, moving and active dance accompanied with music.

Alfa Performance: Alfa Performance trainings are open to attend for our higher-up performance members.


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