Yasmani Copello has won second place in 400 metre hurdles at the world championship.
The silver medal won by Yasmani at 400 metre hurdles was the first medal for men Turkey won in the championship and the third it won overall. Turkey had previously been represented at the awards ceremony by Süreyya Ayhan and Karin Melis Mey. It has won a medal for the third time with Yasmani Copello.
The 400 metre hurdles final took place at the London Olympic Stadium before 51,130 spectators. Yasmani, who began in lane 8 lead the race until the first two hurdles, when he fell to second place with an attack by Karsten Warholm of Norway. Having entered the last curve in fifth place, Copello ran an incredible sprint after the final hurdle, passed three rivals and earned the gold medal. On his way to the finish line, Yasmani overtook Olympic champion Kerron Clement.
Karsten Warholm of Norway finished in first place with 48.35 seconds, Yasmani Copello in second place with 48.49, while Olympic champion Kerron Clement came in third place with 48.52.
Yasmani became the World second, in addition to his previous Olympic bronze and European gold.
We congratulate our athlete and wish him success in the future.